Workshop and Meetings

Arranged by Giorgio Pardi Foundation

The Giorgio Pardi Foundation work for strenghten scientific education throught meetings and workshop directly arranged by the Foundation.

2009 - Non-Conventional Medicine in Maternity

Many speakers and researchers were engaged: prof. R. Della Loggia, prof. E. Felisi, A. Laffranchi, Gabriella Mariarosa Maggi, Prof. E. Minelli, E. Portalupi, A.F. Speciani,…

2010 - The Fetal Brain: a Symposium in Memory of Giorgio Pardi

In 2010 the Giorgio Pardi Foundation decided to arrange an international meeting about the Fetal Brain, which has been one of the last issue studied by Prof. Pardi. ALmost 400 researchers and more than 30 speakers from all over the world took part to this event.